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View Yearbook pricing and Senior AD deadlines 


Yearbooks will cost $70.00 until April 10, 2020. Yearbooks will cost $75.00 from that date until the end of the school year.

SENIOR PARENTS- All senior portraits are due on September 27, 2019. Senior portraits can be any vertical wallet sized picture of your student as long as he or she is dressed appropriately and is shown doing an activity that is appropriate for a high school yearbook. Portraits must be in color and need to show the student facing forward with 3/4 of his or her face showing  in  the picture.  Please send in your senior’s portrait by e-mail (save your portrait at 300 DP[ resolution and send it to You can also submit a picture on a CD or on a flash drive. We will accept printed pictures but we prefer digital pictures. Students can bring senior pictures directly to Mr. Suggs in his classroom. You do not have to have a picture taken by a professional photographer, but you do need to submit a picture that was taken this year, that is in focus, that is in color and which shows 3/4 of your student’s face. If you have a professional photographer take your senior’s picture please ask him or her to send your senior’s picture to Mr. Suggs at the e-mail address listed above.


All senior ads are due October 11, 2019. Parents, grandparents, or other loved ones should type a note or notes congratulating their senior and then should send the note(s) with a baby picture or pictures (other pictures of your senior taken when he or she was older are OK too) to Lee Suggs at Please pay for senior ads with a check (or cash) for the size ad you are purchasing. Your senior ad payment can be mailed to “Lee Suggs Senior AD 2020” at Summerville High 17555 Tuolumne Rd, Tuolumne CA 95379 or your senior can bring the senior ad payment directly to Mr. Suggs in his classroom. You can also send printed pictures and typed notes (or pictures and notes on a CD or a flash drive) by mail, with your senior ad check, to the address above or by bringing the pictures, notes, and a check to Mr. Suggs in his classroom. DO NOT DROP OFF PICTURES AND NOTES IN THE OFFICE. Prices for senior ads, and the number of pictures and notes we can place in each size ad, are listed below:


Business sized card ad- $45 (one picture, one note)

Half page ad- $160 (three to four pictures, three to four notes)

Quarter page ad- $80 (two pictures, two notes) Full page ad- $300 (seven pictures, seven notes)

BUYING YOUR 2020 YEARBOOK ONLINE: AFTER SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 and until April 10, 2020 you may buy your 2020

yearbook online. Just log on to and use our school order number, 6748 to order a book. You will need a credit card to do this but there is no additional charge if you choose to buy a yearbook this way. Please call Lee Suggs at (209) 225-3720 if you have questions about buying a yearbook online.