Mountain High School
Our Program
Mountain High School, as part of Summerville Union High School, promotes environmental literacy through outdoor education to support students’ mental and physical health while upholding rigorous academic standards. Mountain High School fosters skills, routines, and character that will prepare students to become stewards of the planet, productive citizens within their community, and assets in the workforce. Working within a small group setting, we increase motivation, time management, and student agency over their learning and themselves.  
Students will:
 – Encounter a more personalized education. 
 – Tackle real-world problems in our community, environment, and world. 
 – Benefit from our partnerships with local agencies and experts.
 – Be held to high academic standards. 
 – Experience a curriculum that fosters curiosity and inquiry into the world around them. 
 – Work on projects that are cross-curricular, incorporating a variety of subjects

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2 Pinecrest School Road
Pinecrest, CA 95364