Welcome Our New Teachers for 2018-19!

Summerville High and Connections Academy are excited to welcome the following new teachers for 2018-19!

Sarah Castle– Art. Ms. Castle was approved for the open art teaching position. Sarah is from Bakersfield and has a B.A. degree from San Francisco State University. She is currently completing her teaching credential at CSU, Bakersfield. Sarah has a wide variety of experience in both film and visual arts. Sarah has been the lead teacher at the Buena Vista Edible Schoolyard; an Instructional Assistant in the Oakland Unified School District; A Community Art teacher in Oakland and teaching artist at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco; Animation Instructor and Family Studio Artist both in the bay area. Her references are highly complimentary of her skills and passion for art and her students. Sarah Castle brings an enthusiasm for her students, the school, and her community that will have an immediate positive impact at Summerville.

Katherine Kellogg– Agriculture and Necessary Small School. Katherine has both Bachelors and Master’s degrees from Cal Poly. She has been the ag teacher and FFA advisor the last 8 years at Don Pedro. In addition, she has taught at Modesto Junior College, Woodland High School, South High in Bakersfield, and Littlerock High in Little Rock, CA. Katherine is a veteran teacher and highly regarded.