Weather & Transportation Protocols





With the potential of cold storms arriving early this year, we would like to review our protocols for addressing, transportation and school start times. These have been in place a number of year. However, with several years of drought and unusually warm winter storms, it is time to remind out community of these protocols. 


  • At 4:30 AM the roads in Tuolumne are are evaluated. If they are clear, we follow our normal schedule. If, at the time roads are icy or snowy in Tuolumne, we call a two-hour delay. Notification to the local media, parents, and staff in made at 6:00 AM.
  • By 8:00 AM the roads in Tuolumne are re-evaluated. If the roads are clear or expected to clear in mid-morning, school will stay on the two-hour delay. If it is determined that buses cannot safely complete their routes based upon the road conditions, a “snow day”, closed school will be called. 

  General practices 

  1. The guiding principal for making weather related decisions are the condition of the roads feeding Summerville High and the ability of the SUHSD buses to run their routes safely. Our buses are often chained up to make the winter runs to Twain Harte and above. 
  2. It is understood that in our large and highly mountainous district roads may be clear in one location while it may be snowing in another location. 
  3. We encourage parents to address the safety of their families with their best judgement and, as recommended by the CHP and CALTRANS, to always carry chains.


Michael S. Merrill, Superintendent