Summerville High School facility is closed






Good Afternoon Summerville Union High Community,

 This is Michael Merrill and Kellene Ditler with some updates to what is happening in our district.


 Summerville Union High is transitioning fully to distance learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Teachers are continually reaching out to their students to provide them with the expected assignments to keep the learning process going.  We ask all to do their part and support student achievement as we embark on the distance learning platform.

  • Teachers will continue to teach
  • Students will continue to learn
  • Teachers will provide feedback/grades on students work

 During this time students will be held accountable for their learning. We ask our parents to assist us to make sure that students are doing their utmost to help prevent achievement gaps in their learning.

  • Students may work to improve grades based on distance learning assignments.
  • Student’s grades will not be lower than their Semester grade as of March 13.
  • Students who were failing, may earn a grade of “P” for pass or a higher letter grade if they meet their teacher’s criteria.
  • Students who do not learn and or master necessary content may need to repeat courses. This is not intended to be punitive, rather to assure that students are prepared to move on to the next course.

 Ms. Hallinan will be in touch with all seniors regarding the Senior Project and the expectations for completing the required project.  If you have additional questions please reach out to Ms. Hallinan at

 Meal Services:

 During the school’s physical closure, meals for our students will still be provided.  The meals will be delivered (3 breakfast/lunch bags per student) on Monday and (2 breakfast/lunch bags per student)on Wednesday.  The meals will be delivered on the student bus routes starting at noon each of the delivery days.  Please check the school website for the delivery schedule and arrival times for your child’s stop. Please be aware that these meals are for school age students 2-18.  If you are interested in having your student receive meals, please email  It is our goal to make sure that our students are nourished and we want to have enough food to serve all students.  If you have already responded that you wish to have meals, please do not respond again.  If you have not responded to the meal service option and wish to take advantage of this service, please do respond.

 Events and Activities:

 The Summerville campus is closed to the public due to the Stay at Home order. All sports practices and contests have been cancelled at this time.

Summerville High (209-928-4228) and Summerville District Office (209-928-3498) hours are as follows:

 Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.  We will have some support staff available to answer phones, provide documents needed and work with other items as they arise.  The gates are locked, so please call ahead so we can be ready to assist you.

 Graduation for the class of 2020 has been postponed.  As a district we want to recognize the accomplishments of our seniors and Connections 8th graders despite our being away from one another at this time. We are looking at the first week of August for our ceremonies.  August 5th will be our Alternative Education Graduation, August 6th will be our Connections Visual and Performing Arts 8th grade promotion, and August 7th will be our Summerville High Graduation.  There is a lot of planning that goes into putting on these events, but our goal is to celebrate and give the class of 2020 the best we can offer.  These dates are obviously pending the ability to gather safely on our campus at that time.

 Prom is another event that at this time has been cancelled.  ASB is looking to reschedule Prom for our students in the future.  More information will be coming regarding this event.

Grad Night is a senior event that many look forward to. With Disneyland closed at this time, there is no way to know if or when this opportunity may occur.  You can be assured that the class of 2020 along with ASB are looking into possibilities.  Again, more information in the future as more is known.


 It is our sincere goal to be sure that we continue to communicate with our students, staff and our community.  This message is going out to all of these groups.  We know that you have been receiving a lot of information from our school in the last few weeks and we hope it has been helpful.  The goal is to provide as much information as we have and to be able to answer questions that you may have.  Listed below are ways to communicate with our support staff.

Support Staff contact information:

High School Office: 209-928-4228

District Office:  209-928-3498

Steve Sweitzer: (grades 9 and 11) 209-928-4228 X6228

 Jennifer Osterhout: (grades 10 and 12)  209-928-4228  X6230

Dan Atkins: (Connections Academy grades 7-12)  209-928-4228  6229

Kevin Wychopen: (Counselor)

Monique Nelson: (Counselor)

Kellene Ditler:  (Principal)  209-928-4228  X6232

Michael Merrill:  (Superintendent)  209-928-3498  X6226

Communication Platforms for other information:


Facebook Pages:

Summerville Union High School

Connections Visual & Performing Arts Academy

Radio Stations and Print Media:

  •         KVML 1450 AM
  •         KZSQ 92.7 FM
  •         KKBN 93.5 FM

Safety and Well-being:

Please follow the executive orders to stay at home so that we can slow the spread of this virus.  The more we can slow this virus the better off we will all be.  Please do your part.

Remember to complete your 2020 census information, attached is a document to help you access online.

Many thanks to you all, Kellene and Mike