Apple App Camp




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In this 3 week playful and and-on camp, students will learn to build mobile apps using Apple Software and hardware tools. Each day will be divided into a morning session, lunch, and then an afternoon session. In the morning session, leveraging Apple’s swift Playground environment, students will elarn the fundamentals of programming (command, loops, logical operators, variables, arrays, functions, etc.) In the afternoon session, students will leverage their newfound programming skills alongside Apple’s creative tools (Garageband, Clips, and iMovie) and the app lab enviroment to build their own multi-media apps and games. There is no cost to attend the camp; lunch included. No ecperience necessary.

WHERE: Columbia College Campus

WHEN:     Session 1 : Tuesday 6/20 – Friday 7/7

Session 2: Monday 7/10 – Wednesday 7/26

9:30am – 2pm Each Day

Lunch and Transportation is provided Please call 209-928-4228 to register!